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21st July 2001

This Site Has Unfrotunatly Died

The Site has now died but the downloads will still work. Please visit my new site at

28th June 2000

LONG Time, no speak!

It has been an amazingly long time since I updated! I'm just writing a message here to let u know I'm still alive :-) and I'm currently (slowly) working on a GTA2 map. CarCrime County 2!! Watch this space, the site isn't dead.

GTA Vancouver DL

The GTA Vancouver was located at my friends server and it has come to my attention that he has deleted it! I am currently arranging a new DL of GTA Vancouver. Bear with me while I upload it again.

9th October 1999

Full Release of GTA Vancouver!

The full version of GTA Vancouver is completed and you can DL it from HERE Thanks to No Fear for letting me use his server space.

26th August 1999

I'm Back

I've been away from the GTA scene for a little while so this is my first update for over a month! I'm back now and ready to get going on GTA Canada!

Help Wanted

Mark Stanley and I are looking for help with the GTA Canada project. We require:

2 Car Editors

1 Mission.ini Editor

1 Map Maker

If you are interested please send me an email to Turbo_King along with a sample of your work before September 4th.

17th July 1999

GTA Vancouver DEMO Released, here, now!

Here it is! The 4 mission fully working Vancouver DEMO! Download it from HERE

15th July 1999

Mission.ini Editing Poll Results in!

My GTA mission editing poll has closed and the results are in. Officially, the most annoying error message you can recieve when editing missions and maps is: "Too Many Traffic Lights" This is especially annoying (believe me I know) when you haven't put any traffic lights in your city anyway! A very close second was "Trying to process command with invalid type physical line -1" Thanks to everyone who voted.

11th July 1999

Vancouver Demo

I'm almost finished editing the missions for Vancouver, however the cars and tiles still need to be completed so I'm going to release a demo with a few missions so that the full thing can be released with the cars and tiles. It will be here soon. For now I'll set the release date for the 17th July.

Toronto BETA2

GTA Canada has released Toronto BETA2 with tiles etc. Download it from >GTA Canada

1st July 1999

GTA Canada

It is now 100% official that I am joining my project GTA Vancouver with GTA Toronto to form GTA Canada! The third city in GTA Canada will be a joint effort betweem myself and Mark Stanley and will be GTA Ottawa NOT GTA Montreal as people seemed to think. We do not want to make GTA Montreal especially since Ross is already making a Montreal map.

26th June 1999

GTA Toronto Demo Released

GTA Toronto demo has now been released. I've had a look at it and it seems to be a pretty cool map. No powerups or anything yet though. You can download it from my GTA Canada Page on this site or visit the GTA Canada site.

24th June 1999

Turbo_King's GTA Rage Page Annouces 1000+ Hits!

My site had now recieved in excess of 1000 hits and I would just like to thank anyone who's visited my site! It's really appreciated!

23rd June 1999

GTA Canada - GTA Vancouver

I've had a reply from Mark Stanley, the webmaster of GTA Canada and it looks likely that GTA Vancouver will join GTA Canada. GTA Canada will also include GTA Toronto and it's gonna be HUGE!

14th June 1999 (My Birthday)


I'm having real trouble with the GTA Nascar Project. I cannot get the SENDTO command etc to work so the bot cars on the race track don't work. If anyone out there knows how to get this to work then PLEASE EMAIL ME

GTA Vancouver - Cut scenes and RAW files

I've now completely redesigned the title screen to GTA for GTA Vancouver by editing the RAW files but I can't get the Cut Scenes to work. Does anyone now how to do this? Please email me.

11th June 1999

GTA Vancouver & GTA Canada

GTA Vancouver may be joining the GTA Canada project containing three Canadian cities and all new graphics etc. Watch this space! Alternatively go to the GTA Canada site.

GTA Vancouver Car Editor

Hingta has agreed to edit the cars and tiles for my new city GTA Vancouver! The city is going to have all new cars and new tiles so it looks like it's snowing! Thanks to Saig, my previous car editor for the work he's already done on the cars, but who had to drop out of the project.

Email me at: